François Heim has made himself famous for making the traditional music from Eastern Europe and the Balkan regions available for the diatonic accordion. Many of his own compositions are also strongly influenced by that musical style. At the 2020 edition of the Tanzhausfest in Leipzig, he proposes a 1,5 day workshop about this specific style.

The tunes we will work on will be learned by ear or with the support of sheet music (which can be sent to you in advance if required). We will focus on asymmetrical rhythms and on typical Balkan ornamentation. We will also work on rhythm accompaniment (chords with both hands), on establishing a second voice an on variations of the melody. In that way, participants of all levels can enjoy a collective musical experience.

Participants should however not be complete beginners (at least 2 years of playing experience required). It is also recommended to come with an instrument with 2,5 or 3 rows and at least 12 basses. Chromatic accordion players are also welcome.

The workshop will be held in French and can be translated into English.

Workshop times:
Saturday 23 May 11 am to 6 pm (including 1 hour break)
Sunday 24 May 3:30 pm to 18:30 pm

Youth centre “Kinder- und Jugendfreizeitzentrum Oststraße”
Oststraße 181, 04299 Leipzig
The Centralpalast is only 5 minutes away.

The fee for this intensive workshop ranges from 80 to 120 Euro. You choose how much you are willing to pay.

More information and registration:
+49 1578 7752366

About the teacher:
François Heim started to play the diatonic accordion in 1979. He was interested in several styles of traditional music before falling in love with the repertoire from Eastern Europe and the Balkan regions.
François is a passionate teacher and has been giving workshops for many years on a regular bases. He has published a method for diatonic accordion together with J. M. Corgeron. He also designed a keyboard system for 3 row instrument which is very popular among amateur and professional musicians all across Europe. He lives and teaches in the Cévennes in Southern France.
François plays in several bands and has participated in multiple album recordings, inter alia in a Duo with Bruno Letron. At this year’s Tanzhausfest, he will play with his band Chalap.