Welcome to the

33rd Leipziger Tanzhausfest

from 10th to 13th of May 2018

Since 1986, each year the folk community celebrates the Tanzhausfest in the city of Leipzig. A festival dedicated to the dancing part of the European folk movement. From the start, the Leipziger Tanzhausfest has been an international festival, always trying to gather bands from all over Europe for four days of joy and dancing. Since, the Leipziger Tanzhausfest is a long-standing traditional festival a whole bunch of bands, popular as well as lesser known ones, already participated. Some examples from outside Germany include the Oyster Band (1986), Blowzabella (1989), Ar Re Yaouank (1996), Skolvan (2000), Dikanda (2003), Dobranotch (2005), Gonnagles (2010), Triple-X (2012) and Té (2016). Some of them are real dinosaurs, they don’t even exist or play for dancing anymore. From Germany, we repeatedly invite bands such as Swedenquell, Zerrwanst and Folkinger.

Since, the festival is organized by a small open group of people, who also happen to be enthusiastic bal folk fans, bal folk dances and music are the main theme of the festival. But the “all styles of folk” part has never been abandoned. You will always get the chance to dance other common und uncommon European dances. Last year for instance, we spiced the festival with Hungarian and Bavarian dances.

As finishing touch, there will not only be dancing and music workshops on Friday and Saturday, but also special bals for our little folk fans. On Friday evening, there will be the family bal for children and their parents and on Sunday noon the children’s dance. Open sessions are possible after workshops, throughout the evenings and all-night long.

Our line-up 2018:

Lo Bal del Lop++Die Zwei
Rémi Geffroy Trio+++Knep
Swedenquell+Le Matrioske
Serbska Reja+++Uhlenflug
Duo Bottasso++++++++++++

The festival will take place in the Centralpalast in Leipzig Stötteritz. The venue has a small bar, that will provide us with drinks and snacks. We’re sorry to announce, that we can’t provide sleeping places. You have to get yourself a place in a hostel or something alike. Be sure to book early, because a lot of tourists like to visit Leipzig during this time of the year. Or you can ask your bal folk friends from Leipzig and/or Germany, if they have a spot for you. 🙂 For most of the guests that’s the way to go.

If you have questions regarding the festival, feel free to send your questions to info@tanzvolk-leipzig.de. No need to write in German. English and French are fine. Even Swedish, Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek may be possible. For Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Esperanto and Russian it may take us some days until we catch a translator… 😉

You can get your tickets at  https://eveeno.com/THF2018.

We’re looking forward to dancing with you!